Monday, 18 February 2013

Create your own comic strip using HTML markup

I was introduced to one of the coolest websites I've ever seen this week: which allows you to create your own comic strip just by editing the HTML code to add your own text and using your mouse to drag stick men around and change their positions. This website is a fun way to create a cool comic, if you are not very good at drawing and learning how simple tree structures work in code like HTML. The website uses javascript to allow you to do this.

Check out my video to learn what HTML is, how to create a simple page, and how to use

More importantly though, I need some help making a decision:

My friend thinks that I should wear a cape in my videos like a super hero. I'm not convinced. Obviously I like to think my arch nemesis is BAD ICT LESSONS, but I think a cape is a little much. I've decided to put it to you my audience. Vote now: cape or no cape!