Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Adventures In Raspberry Pi - A book for teens and novices

Interested in Raspberry Pi but not sure how to get started? Not sure what to do once it is up and running? Want to learn how to code? Then check out my new book. (Yes, I wrote a book!) Designed to be gender neutral and fun.

Adventures include:

  • Getting set up and started with hardware 
  • Using Linux (both command line and GUI) 
  • Programming in Scratch 
  • Creating graphics with turtle 
  • Programming in Python 
  • Programming Minecraft Pi 
  • Creating music with Sonic Pi 
  • Using GPIO and basic electronics 
  • A final big project Where to go to learn more
Hope you enjoy!

You can purchase from Amazon here.


  1. I've got my pre-order in with Amazon and am really looking forward to this being published! I can't find much info on the chapters and projects, though (neither on Amazon or Wiley's site)... is there a contents list somewhere?!

    1. Sorry, that was a pretty daft Q... I've just seen your "Adventures Include" list!

  2. Do you think it will be available in time for Christmas? Hope so :-)

    1. It is available this week in the UK, and in January in the US.

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