Monday 14 July 2014

First Look at the New Raspberry Pi Model B+

The latest product from Raspberry Pi was launched today and we are told is the final version of the Raspberry Pi B. It's called the B+ to reflect this and here is a first look video to wet your appetite.

What's the same?

The model B+ has many of the same features as the model B, like the processor and 512MB of RAM. It's also credit card sized, with the addition of rounded edges, and the ports sit flush against the edge instead of sticking out slightly. The operating system Raspbian is also still in use with this model and you can use NOOBS to install the latest version onto a Micro SD card.

What's different?

Lots of exciting new features on the Model B+ such as:
  • 4 USB ports so that you can use more peripherals and accessories alongside your keyboard and mouse.
  • More General Purpose Input Output pins (GPIO). 40 in total, with the first 26 remaining the same as the model B. 
  • Micro SD card slot instead of the larger SD card size.
  • Improved audio for speakers and headphones
  • Improved power consumption.

Note: That on this B+ GPIO diagram that the yellow coloured pins labelled ID_SD and ID_SC are reserved for ID EEPROM so don't use them. At boot time this I2C interface will be interrogated to look for an EEPROM that identifies the attached board and allows automagic setup and the GPIOs. 

And the price is still great at only $35!

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